I’m actually loving that #YesAllMen is trending on Twitter because it lets you see so clearly that they’re just whining about buying dinner while women are talking about rape, violence, and literally being murdered.

The most ignorant thing I’ve ever read.


Cultural misandry is a significant force in policing and constraining the roles of men, and indeed women in society. Our capitalist hegemonic culture (or patriarchy, if you prefer) considers it acceptable to routinely mock and denigrate men’s domestic and child-caring abilities because this acts strongly to discourage deviations from the gender status quo, from which vested interests profit. Our culture systematically devalues male deaths (in news reports specifying numbers of deaths of women and children, for instance) because economic interests require a degree of male disposability in the workplace and military interests may require the mass dispatch of young men to die on battlefields at a moment’s notice. When society mocks and reviles male victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, the subtext is that it is women’s place to be victimized and oppressed, not men’s.”

And that is the crux of it, right there.

Imdb has the coolest error message ever.


I swear, sometimes in my school, people will say the most stupid BullS**t, and I just make this face and look somewhere at an imaginary camera like I’m Jim Halpert from The Office